WCN is an entirely volunteer-run group. We do not offer instruction in any activity, nor are we licensed or insured to do so. Those seeking instruction should sign up for classes from a professional organization with certified instructors.

Our members span five decades of age and enjoy a wide variety of outdoor activities. Some of our members are novices while others are exceptionally experienced. Most of us fall somewhere in between. We’re also an irreverent group of folks, and following Kathy Phibb's tradition, we’ve been known to liven things up with tutus and costumes on climbs and backcountry ski trips. Fun and light heartedness are integral to our adventuring.

Membership can be paid or unpaid. We suggest a donation of $10 annually to defray WCN expenses. Members who donate $20 or more will receive free journal. Membership donations can be made via paypal by clicking on the button below: