Women Climbers Northwest, founded in 1983, is a Seattle-based, loosely organized, outdoor-activity group for women. Our purpose is to promote opportunities for women to experience friendship, fun and adventure with other women in the outdoors. Although WCN’s roots are in rock climbing and mountaineering, our organization includes skiers, snowboarders, hikers, paddlers, divers and boogie-boarders. WCN is a non-profit organization that thrives on the energy and enthusiasm of its members, ensuring its continued unique presence in the flourishing outdoor community of the Pacific Northwest.


To that end, we have produced the Women’s Adventure Journal to inspire and entertain. The Journal is jam-packed with exciting photos of women and girls living on the edge. To complement the pictures, the Journal includes poems, essays, ruled pages for writing, doodling or documenting, reference numbers for outdoor agencies, conversion charts, and other useful information. We even put a pocket in the back to secure any loose notes.

Previously, WCN produced a weekly engagement calendar, Women Climbing. For those who lovingly recall the calendars, this new product will not disappoint. As with previous calendars, profits from the sale of the Journal will be donated to other organizations that promote outdoor adventure and leadership among women and girls.

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